Sell European Standard Wide Step Telescopic Ladder(LAOT-42036K)

European Standard Wide Step Telescopic Ladder(LAOT-42036K) You May Also Be Interested In: aluminum construction electrical circuits step ladder telescopic ladder window washing
P/N: LAOT-42036K
Material: Aluminum Construction
Extended Size: 3.6m
Closed Size:0.89
Net weight; 14kg
Load Capacity: 150kg

* Extra light aluminum construction but very strong and safe;
* Compact for ease of use and storage;
* Easily transportable
* 80 mm wide rungs make it comfortable to stand and work on;
* Use lock and release technoly for automated opening and closing;
* Telescopic extention ladders can be raised in one 30 cm increments to the size needed;
* GS/TUV(EN-131) certification ;

* Home and building maintence;
* Window washing;
* Extrior/interior decorating and painting

Metal ladders conduct electricity. Do not use where contact may be made with live electrical circuits!