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Notes: Based on 800F DB/670F wb entering air, 400F saturated suction, 500FPM coil face velocity. All capacity data based on 24"x48"coil face area.

 Capacity : 11/2 to 3 Tons

 Refrigerant : R22 or 407c

 Electric Supply: 208-230V/3/60HZ

 Direct drive, resilient-mount, multi-speed motor

 Steel blower wheels

 Sequence-controlled and rust-resistant nickel chromium heating elements of 5,6,8 and 10KW

 Equipped with check flow meter for heat pump and cooling only applications

 Primary/secondary drain connection in a high temperature plastic drain pan

 Factory-installed disconnect

 ARI-rated matched systems at 10 an 12 SEER

 High-efficiency evaporator coil

 Quiet ope

1. CD-H Coil is used for applications where capacity control is not required. Single or multiple distributors are available depending on the number of circuits required. Model CD-H utilize dual suction connections when multiple distributors are used.
2. Face control (model CD-E) is another coil option offered by C&D. Face control is the simplest form of capacity control. Type CD-E coils are normally furnished with two distributors and two suction connections offering 50% capacity reduction capabilities.
The advanced rippled-corrugated CDF-H design creates a state of continuous turbulence which effectively reduces the boundary layer formation. The exclusive rippled edge instantly deflects the incoming air to create initial turbulence. A succession of corrugations across the fin depth, in conjunction with the staggered tubes, increases the turbulating effect and eliminates the "dead spots" behind the tubes. In this manner, the CDF-H design establishes a high standard in heat transfer efficiency yielding sharply increased performance. The rippled fin edge also strengthens the fin edge and provides a pleasing overall appearance.
The need to cut operating energy expenses is met by the CDF-E fin surface. The smoother fin design of the CDF-E surface results in lower operating costs over the life of the equipment.
Coils also feature a Patented Floating Tube Design which eliminate refrigerant leaks at the tube sheets. Extra tubes are added to the condenser which are expanded into the tube sheet. These anchor tubes support the weight of the coil but are not part of the refrigerant circuit.
Unique hand or universal connections can be provided. Evaporator Coil Connections: Male sweat type. Liquid connections are brass and suction connections are copper. Other materials available on request.
Complete coil tested leak free under warm water containing special wetting agent at 315 psig air pressure for C&D coils