Sell Evdo Usb Card M500

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Main Parameters:
Name: EVDO-M500
GSM Band: 1900 MHz
Data Speed: EVDO RevA network: Max 3.1Mbps
CDMA 1X network: Max 153.6Kbps
Dimension: 83*25*10mm
Weight: 37.6g
Maxwireless Products
Voice, data, SMS service
Plug and Play: Auto installation
LED Signal: LED indication
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

EVDO-M500 is a kind of CDMA2000 EVDO Rev. A wireless data terminal products. It uses the USB standard interface for easy connection to any laptop or desk-top PC. And the compact modem doesnt need to install drivers from a CD because the software is included on the device.
Data function:
- Data speed: EVDO RevA network: Max 3.1Mbps
CDMA 1X network: Max 153.6Kbps
- Internet records
- Display the data speed and flow rate
- Flow rate statistics
Voice function:
-Urgent telephone
- Calling number display
- Re-dial
- Inquire about the Answered call records, Dialed call record and Missed call records
- Telephone book
SMS service function
- Short message broadcast: 50 phone numbers
- Message forwarding
- Message reply
- Message storage, deletion and so on
- Automatic message distribution: more than 160 ASCII characters, it will distribute the message automatically.
UI interface display function
- Display signal strength
- Display date and time
- Display network flow rate and time length
- Display data speed
Technical Specifications:
- Temperature range: -10 0 -+55 0 active status
-20 0 -+700 Storage temperature
- Dimension: 83mm*25mm*10mm
- Weight: 37.6g
- Operation System: Windows XP/2000/Vista