Sell Evergreen airbag for ship launching and landing

Evergreen airbag for ship launching and landing You May Also Be Interested In: evergreen marine airbag
Evergreen Airbag (ship launching airbag, marine airbag) is an innovative powerful tool for ship launching and landing, marine salvage , heavy lifting and conveying.

Ship launching with marine Airbag overcomes the disadvantage of fixed slipways which limit the productive abilities of shipbuilding or ship repair companies and being expensive.

Evergreen has developed the airbag ship launching techniques from launching only 1,000 DWT ship to current 55,000 DWT ships. And now this technology has become into a flexible, promising, secure and mature one.

Our Marine airbag is also known as:
Marine airbag for ship upgrading and conveying
Marine airbag for hoisting and transporting heavy structure
Marine airbag for refloatation, salvaging sunken ship or heavy immersed steelstructure
Marine airbag for erecting floating bridge or pipeline
Marine airbag for caisson moving
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