Cooperate Executive Producer Wanted

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Executive Producer / Project Investment.

Tetragram Records has a number of small music CD projects that are in need of investment partnership funding.

Select from one of the following projects and ask for details.

1. Six European Rock and Roll (Metal) bands are launching their careers. We will produce and release all six CD's simultaneously. These CD's will recieve global distribution and promotion in selected nich markets. Very low investment with possibility of very high return. Once we establish fair market attention and sales, contracts will be offered for sale to major labels. Dynamic volume sales venture.

2. Female Teen (16 years old) Pop/Rock singer songwriter with major label interest and solid global fan base needs investment/sponsorship funding for production. This one is a winner already. Hurry! Hollywood is after this one.

3. Female Hard Rock/Power Pop artist with label interest needs production and tour funding. Great prospect. Global distribution and promotion.