Sell Exercise ECG monitor cardio 8000

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Software Performance features:
True 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, analysis, QRS wave group recognition, high accuracy and real-time collection process can be printed ECG waveform;
Full record and preserve the real ECG data;
Synchronous acquisition process, real-time observation of ST segment changes, and can lead to the user-selected zoom display, automatic calculation of ST-related data;
The use of advanced, original waveform display screen anti-aliasing technology that enables waveform display screen is more real, the details of ECG waveforms become more prominent;
Use of anti-jamming technology to ensure baseline stability and reduce the EMG interference, baseline drift, power frequency interference on the ECG waveform of the impact;
Can use a standard exercise program, you can also use user-defined movement programs, and may be stages of exercise automatic real-time print and blood pressure measurement tips;
During exercise, to mark the event, and you can use the event has been marked (Event) ECG ECG waveforms with current waveforms comparison. After exercise can view, edit, print, events;
Includes a variety of trends graph display and printing, including: heart rate (HR) , blood pressure (BP) , metabolic equivalents (METS) , myocardial oxygen consumption (HR * BP) , exercise trends, ST segment level / change / slope and ST / HR and so on. Choose the type mapping trends include: linear diagram, histogram, ladder and grid-like maps, etc. ;
With the dynamics of post-exercise review function, exercise testing can be dynamically reproduce the whole process of review process of the playback speed can be accelerated, slow down, pause, and jump and other operations;
Static Review feature allows users to view any time of the ECG waveform, the QRS wave group properties modification;
Powerful medical records management capabilities, providing historical information on medical history and medical records query, modify and delete and other operations;
Complete medical records import / export feature to export records of medical history file is the data compression results, take up less disk space, and with the operating system's file type is associated, making it even easier to import medical records, fast;
System Settings feature a variety of settings, including items such as waveform display format and method (12-lead x1 screen / 6-lead x2 screen / 3 leads x2 screen / 3 lead x1 screen, etc. ) , the background grid color, printed in the related settings, filter settings, and optional parameters are displayed, etc. ;
Friendly interface can be used based on the user's default variety of information;
Offers a variety of practical tools for device management, medical history, demographics and other operations;
Treadmill features:

* tune slope range of 0-25 0
* speed range of 0-20Km / h
* treadmill area of 75 W 120cm2
* Plate Weight 160Kg
* the patient can bear weight 150Kg
* treadmill use muted AC brushless motors, powerful, low noise