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One of our most versatile products is the 72" CYCLONE variable horizontal ventilator. this high efficiency variable speed drive fan is a one of a kind in the world today. The 72" heavy aluminium 6 paddle blade produces in excess of 55,000 CFM of air movement while using only 2.2 KW of power on high speed and 300 watts on low. Traditional ceiling fans from 56''inch to 24'feet slowly push the hot air from the ceiling down to the floor. The 72'' CYCLONE can do this on low speed and then it does something wonderful as the speed increases, it creates air velocity for maximum air throw and cooling (something other large ceiling fans cannot do) .

-Adjustable airfoil deflectors optimize air throw distance and direction.
-Transfer electrical energy into air energy in a focused air pattern.
-Performance enhancing intake fiberglass cone.
-Balanced 72" heavy duty corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminium blades.
-De-stratisfies air on low speed covering over 6,000 square feet while only using only 300 watts of power.
-High speed creates 1200 FPM of velocity under the fan and 300 FPM at a distance of 75 feet on both -discharge sides or a total of 5,250' feet of cooling area.
-Optional variable frequency drive allows you a smooth speed adjustment from 300 RPM down to 50 RPM. Fan power consumption reduces with speed.
-Heavy galvanized motor mount straightens the air as it is propelled through the venturi and throws the air efficiently over the airfoil defleclors.
-Extremely quiet operation on all speeds.

-Corrosion resistant fiberglass housing.
-Heavy duty pulley and bearing assembly.
-Maintenance free motor.
-Can be mounted on steel post, building column or suspended from the ceiling (all optional mounts) . -Optional variable frequency drive.
-6 directional air flow deflectors.
-Balanced 72" heavy duty corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminium blade.
-Shipped fully assembled, except for airfoil deflectors.
-Can reduce heating and cooling cost up to 50%.
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1000 units
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110-240, 50/60hz
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