Sell Exotic Woods From Africa

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Trade name: Ekki
Botanical name: Lophira Alata
English name: Iron wood

Trade name: Opepe
Botanical Name: Nauclea Diderrichii

Trade name: Teak
Botanical name: Tectona Grandis

We are a major supplier of Ekki, Opepe, Teak and other exotic woods suitable for marine and heavy construction work, including wharfs, bridges, decking, river pilings, lock gates, walkways, verandas, handrails, stairways, etc.
Ekki wood is extremely hard, tough and dense, it weighs between 60 to 70 lbs per cubit foot and is not affected by seasonal changes in humidity.
The wood is also impervious to decay, insects, worms etc. , and has a high resistance to fungal infection.

Opepe: Nauclea Diderrichii - Stronger than Teak, Opepe is suited for use in domestic flooring, chairs and desks. While being easy to polish, sand and varnish, Opepe yields a fine finish, which enhances its striking orange/brown heartwood colour.

Teak: Tectona Grandis - Teak is comparable to American Oak in terms of strength, it is suitable for stairworks, tables and turnery.