Sell Expandable Graphite

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Expandable Graphite:

When the expandable graphite was treated in a twinkling at high temperature, the form of flake has turned into that of worm, and it can expand from 100 to 400 times. This expandable graphite still retains the characteristics of natural graphite, and also has good expandability, loose and porous. Its temperature rating under the oxygen free is between -200 to 300 0, and it is chemically stale under high temperatures, pressure or radiation. It is widely used in the dynamic and static seals in petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, astronomy, automobile, ship along with many other apparatus. In order to satisfy the market needs, we have developed Ultra Low Sulfur Expandable Graphite in recent years.

Fixed carbon: 90%-99.9%
Volatile: <=10%
Expansion Ratio: 100-400
Sulfuric acid content: <=0.03%
PH Value: 3-7
Moisture: <=1.0%
Screen Oversize: >=80%
The above technical indexes can be adjusted according to the users different requirements.