Sell Expanded Graphite Cloth

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Expanded Graphite Cloth

Woven by an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn, has certain strength excellent flexibility and good heat resistant. It can be used as fireproof cloth instead of asbestos cloth.
Expanded graphite cloth with Metallic(inconel wire or stainless wire ) is also available.
Working pressure:30kgs/cm2
Refractoriness: Approx. : 800---1200D. C
Spec. : thickness: 1.5---6mm Width: 1000mm
Packing: In carton of 1 roll net each.

We also can supply graphite yarn, expanded graphite tape, expanded graphite ring, expanded graphite sheet, steel graphite gasket, graphite roll, expanded graphite packing etc. . The products are produced by advanced machine and the quality can be ensured.