Sell Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape

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XHC-1021 Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape


It is applicable for the seal of strong corrosive medium and liquid without any pollution, and it is used in the chemical engineering, medicine, petrochemical industry, food and beverages, electron, electric power, metallurgy, shipping industry, etc


PTFE sealing tape, expanded is a kind of special sealing material manufactured by adopting unique processing technology. It is a kind of serial and banded white pure PTFE product, which has good flexibility, compression resilience, creep-resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and excellent erosion resistance, aging resistance, and self lubrication. It is used in various of enamel lining, glass lining, plastic lining, rubber lining and graphite lining as well as flange face sealing of tower in stainless steel, titanium steel, heat exchanger, reaction kettle, etc. It is excellent in performance, and convenient for both installation and usage.

Technical Parameter:

Temperature -2680-+3160
Pressure 0-15MPa
PH Value 0-14