Sell Explanded PTFE Belt

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Product Model: Bl-wp06
product Characteristic:
1. the Belt-shaped Back Adhesive, It Is Easy To Operate , Does Not Waste The Bits And Pieces
2. its Surface Is Soft And Plastic, Can Compensate The Scratches On The Surface
3. it Can Meet All Kinds Of Complex Situations On Site.
4. service Life Is Long, The Seal Effect Is Highly Reliable, And Cannot Get Aging, It Can Be Long-term Stored.
5. besides The Metallic Sodium, Can Resist All Chemistry Medium, It Doesn't Change Even Boiled In Aqua Regia.
6. it Solves The Problem Of Ptfe Material, I. e. Slow Change And The Cold Flow.
7. the Higher The Medium Pressure Is, The More The Seal Strength Is. using:adapts In The Seal Of The Flange Surface, Like Each Kind Of Enamel, The Glass, The Plastic, The Rubber, The Graphite Lining Tower, The Heat Interchanger, Reactor .

size: width:3~50mm, thinkness:2~8mm, length :free
packing: 5 Boxes/case ,10 Boxes/case
technical Parameter:
temperature: -268c~316c Pressure:200bar, ph:0~14
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