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In such some wiring places as the steel, colliery, petroleum, chemical industry etc. , which the environment is abominable (there is a large amount of dust or may exist flammable and explosive gas) . In order to make the electric circuit get reliable protection, our company produces the explosion-proof hose of various kinds of specifications, adopt the sleeve pipe produced without competition and explosion-proof fittings to connect and manufacture. The hoses are with characteristics of excellent quality, strong construction, beautiful appearance and easy to use, long-lived and safe and reliable, it is the anti-blast & flexible metal hose for electrical wire & cable of new generation that is protected and managed.

This product has passed the authentication of the anti-blast, flexible metal hose for electrical protection of power wire & cable, number of certification: 2063002. This product is suitable for the explosive gas environment and dust place, wiring pass in and out the protection sleeve pipe that the thread joined as anti-blast electrical machinery, electric apparatus, instrument, instrument equipment, mix to steel tube wiring line crooked degree of difficulty heavy , it is in charge of difficult place install easy to use. The hoses are complete in specifications with various materials, . Welcome to write a letter to consult us and place order. Thank you very much.
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