Sell Explosion-proof Mobile Phone Jammer/Isolator

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Mobile phone signal isloator CS808GII is the products which using advanced foreign technology, target the places of Gas stations, oil depots, oil fields, filling stations and other easily Inflammable and Explosive places. The harm of EDM or accordingly explosion-proof switch caused by the mobile phones .

Product Features:

1.4-channel type can efficiently provide shield for mobile signals from CDMA, GSM, DCS and PHS.

2. Using the shell of explosion-proof and die-casting. (Certificated by the National Center of Explosion)

3. Transmitting power is 6W and each antenna is 1.5W.

4. Effective shielding adjustable from 1-25 meters (factory to customer requirements debugging)

5. No harm to the human body.

6. Using the shell of explosion-proof and anti-demolition, excellent sealing, explosion-proof, waterproof and anti-sun.

7. May continuous work of 24 hours and no heat .

Specifications :

1. Tx Frequency

(A) TX frequency 869-894MHz

(B) TX frequency 925-960MHz

(C) Tx frequency 1805-1880MHz

(D) Tx frequency 1900-1920MHz

(E) Tx frequency 2110-2170MHz

2. Available system

Include analog (AMPS, TACS, NMT) and digital (GPRS, GSM,


3. Single output power: +35dBm / 800mW

4. Power input: AC110V-240V

5. Power output: DC 5V 8A

6. Jamming range: Radius 1-25 M

[the Cellular signal must <=-85dBm in the location]

The jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area

7. Safety regulation: AC Adapter UL (E190582)

CSA (LR112971 Level 3)

8. Dimension: 320(L) W270(W) W110(H) mm not include antenna

9. Weight: 18kg

10. Temperature: -40 to +550

11. Relative humility:<=90%(RH)

12. Air pressure:86~106kPa

13. Working Area:Oil station, gas filled station, oil field, oil depot etc.
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