Cooperate Export/Import agent

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We serve you as a trusted and independent contact in Canada with knowledge of the Canadian business and culture. You bring in knowledge of your products and markets. Our presence and contacts in Canada enable us to offer a wide range of services: We sell for our clients. Any way we can.

Product research & development
We invest heavily in product research and development. In conjunction with our clients and manufacturers, we continue to bring new products into the market and improve product specification to meet newest standard and government regulations. We can also market, advertise and promote your products acting as your agent under contract.

Sourcing & Purchasing: Source products for import acting as the buying agent under contract. Due to our independent nature, we explore and liaise with as many potential suppliers as possible. Once a suitable manufacturer is identified, we then work closely with them to build up trust and establish good and long term relationship, to ensure that our clients enjoy best quality, quick response, and reliable supplies at a competitive price, we also offering a complete marketing and import export service under contract.

Logistics: We make it happen! We organize production, shipment, customs clearance. Clients are informed about each stage of their order situation.