Sell Export - Import Agent, Turkey !

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My Mission is,

To deliver a credible, extremely efficient and highly motivated network of trade marketers to assist in achieving success for our customers worldwide.

Our Group uses the connection with the global e-marketplace to source goods and services that assist our global sales force in meeting their sales and development objectives. We also empower you with relevant industry knowledge (market intelligence) and an interactive support network to help you make profitable business decisions.

Whilst we meet all legal requirements, our professional approach is based on Trust, Transparency, Honesty and Understanding.

We drive success by:
7 Offering secure, online, traceable communication points between import export agents and suppliers (thus, easing international trade) ;
7 Making any commercial and legal consideration transparent;
7 Proactively looking at new ways to increase your profits;
7 Negotiating the best value on our members' behalf;
7 Providing on the ground administration, sales and marketing support for exporters and agents;
7 Giving our members ongoing access to ground level market intelligence (gained through extensive international market analysis and research) that is offered by our global network.

Our strength derives from the weight of a massive global marketing network, a healthy pool of qualified suppliers, a highly motivated sales team, and the honest desire to see our trade partners succeed.

If you too would like to join our Trading Group, I will email you the Supplier Registration Form. Please fill out the required information and email back to me. As soon as your registration is accepted, we will email your ID No. and Password.
Second Step is to sign the Agreement that will activate your account and we will make presentations by linking you to the Importers, Exporters and Agents who look for your products, worldwide. Please be noted that your company info and products can not be seen unless you sign the Agreement.

Sincerely Yours,
GIA Trading Group.

Mr. Haldan Sumer.
Agent & Commodity Partner