Sell Export Aluminum Titanium Boron (AiTiB)

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Aluminum Titanium Boron:
AiTi5B1: Ti 5.0%; B 1.0%; Impurities: Fe 0.30%; Si: 0.20%; Cu: 0.02%; Mn: 0.02%; Form in Waffle, stick, ingot and coil.

Diameter of AlTi5B1 coil is 9.5mm, each meter weighs around 192g, 1kg/MT of 5% Ti 1%B just equals to 0.005%Ti.

Availabity The grain-refiner of all kinds of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Application rate: 0.08-0.30%

Directions for use
Melting the AlTi5B tablet thoroughly in the molten aluminium and aluminium, add the required quantity of tablet before refine and degas, AlTi5B coils can be added directly in the launder by a feedcoil machine, the speed of adding is to be determined by the chart above.
Supply Capacity
300 MT Per Month
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T