Sell External Counter Pulsation System

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The Main Technical Specifications of the SECP

1. Deflation by negative pressure.
2. 17 LCD.
3. 3 trace display shows EC, Inf. /Def and Pulse waves.
4. In ECP treatment, automatic display the height ratio and area ration between ballistic wave and augmentation.
5. SpO2 is taken by fingertip Oximeter.
6. Two settings for counter-pulsation ratio:1:1 and 1:2.
7. In case of premature pulsation or delayed deflation, QRS wave triggers deflation automatically.
8. In case of premature pulsation , disorder of EC and heart rates<32/min. , and >125/min. , the ECPT stops automatically, and recovers while in normal.
9. Data base stores the patients information.
10. Digital filtering restrains the sine 50 Hz interference signals from EC input.
11. With electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) .
12. All screen waves and data printing function.
13. Pressure shows in column (mmHg) and figures.
14. Automatically limits the pressure surpasses the defaulted scope.
15. Automatic stop of the pump and deflation occurs when treatment is completed. No patients EC signals, the pump is locked and analog signal cannot trigger the pump.
16. The time-meter mounted accumulates the ECPT time (10,000 hours) .
17. German Becker pump, noise<65dB.
18. Treating bed and the pump integrates in one unit, ease to move.
19. Body of console and treating bed use engineering plastics, luxuries and nice looking.
20. The device is composed of console and treating bed(counter-pulsation system) , need no installation and adjustment.
21. Power: Console: 220V 50/60Hz 500W or 110V 50/60Hz 1000W
Air pump:220V 50/60Hz 1800W