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We are glad to introduce external laptop battery that is designed to keep you powered when you are miles from an AC outlet. Whether you taking a 5 hour transatlantic flight or out on fieldwork, external laptop battery will keep your notebook powered.

Optional Output voltage each: JS16V/19V, JS19V/24V, and JS16V/24V
Optional Watt-hours / Capacity: 142W (9600mAh) , 130W (8800mAh) , 106W (7200mAh) , 98W (6600mAh) , 71W (4800mAh) , 65W (4400mAh) ,
Power indicator: Four stages power level indicators
Dimension: 220mm * 120mm * 24mm
Application Range: All laptops such as Acer Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, SONY, Sharp, TOSHIBA, etc. As well as the devices, which require 14-24V power supply.

1) Universal cable
2) 14 PC connectors
3) Product Manual
4) Gift box
5) Voltage transformer box (for more voltage selections)

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