Sell Extra Virgin Olive oil from Greece

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Our company seeks throughout Greece, finds the best QUALITIES of olives and uses the purest and the best methods of olive oil extraction, bringing you one of the best extra virgin olive oil QUALITIES, have been found each year in Greece.

Our aim is to please you with the top quality of Greek extra virgin olive oil and let you discovery the Mediterranean way of life.
We have established important relationship with quality extra virgin olive oil producers, in order to provide superb quality products. Our founders is a dedicated team of enthusiasts about Mediterranean healthy and natural products, committed to help as many people as possible, in order to enjoy truly excellent extra virgin olive oil of the top Qualities.
Even though Greece has a leading role in the production of the smoothest and the most deeply flavoured Olive oils in the Mediterranean, these top quality varieties NEVER reach the final customer, as they are used to improve other inferior qualities, ignoring quality.

Having spotted out this gap, we decided to establish our company in an attempt to pursuit quality, the real Olive oil in its true, natural, untouched form.

So, our Firm is specializing not only in Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the finest quality which is to be found, following the strict regulations imposed by the EU but additionally, our Olive Oils are extracted from freshly, hand picked olives following the old methods of our ancestors.
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1 pallet
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