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Efficacy: lose weight 10 pounds in 18 days
Coming from the United States , this coffee is adopted Xiaozhi Energizer formula, decomposition fat efficiency , no side effects, burning excess body fat, taking a packet before breakfast, you can easily reply to slender body!
[ Speed effects] strengthen the promotion of fat burning lipolysi
prevent fat synthesis in vivo
promote environmental protection
[Scope of application]: simple obesity, adolescence obesity, post-natal obesity
[Not suitable for the crowd]: children and pregnant women
[Note]: 1. This product is not the treatment or prevention of drugs, the effect of the progress and reaction varies from person
2. long-term weight loss is not good, but should have a balanced diet and exercise
3. during the time of weight loss, the rapid weight loss is found to be half the volume of usage.
The following who want to lose weight, they should first consult with doctors: the elderly, children and patients with chronic diseases such as heart disease and pregnant women and lactating women suffer from the common cold, flu, fever, etc.
[Specification]18 packets per box , each packet is adjustable coffee 100ml.
[Usage] 80-100ml water to rinse 1 packet coffee every morning
Supply Capacity
10000 pcs/month
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