Sell Extruded Plastic Netting in Filtration

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The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of extruded plastic netting and its uses in the filtration industry. The paper focuses on the physical properties of extruded netting relative to other materials and the products performance characteristics in various filtration applications. Although plastic netting has been used in filtration applications for decades, there is very little published on the material. This paper is intended to be the "short course" for extruded plastic netting.

For those not familiar with extruded plastic netting, its perhaps best to begin by discussing what extruded plastic netting is not. It is not woven. It is not perforated. It is not molded. Although all of these processes produce materials with holes, each process has its own nomenclature for defining whats there (i. e. strands, joints, etc) and whats not there (holes) . The same is true for the extrusion process.