Sell Extruded Polystyrene XPS board

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We provide different thickness and width of XPS foam boards for you.

What is XPS?
The terms XPS refers to Extruded Polystyrene Foam. The main market for XPS and some of the other boards is thermal insulation in housing and other construction.

(Performance index of the XPS Board) :
1) Thickness: 20 - 100mm (0.79 - 3.94 inches)
2) Dimensions: 600/900/1,200mm (23.62/35.43/47.24 inches)
3) Compressive strength: 250-300kpa
4) Density: 30-40kg/m3
5) Thermal conductivity :0.03W/(M. K)
6) Water absorption: <=1.0%
7) Vapor permeability :3.0
8) Size stability: <=1.5%

XPS product series:
1) Wall care
2) Home care

XPS applications:
1) Inversion roofing
2) Armor plate roofing insulation
3) Walling insulation
4) Floor aids
5) Advertising displays, signs and decorative raw material
6) Interior wall insulation applications
7) Roofing insulation
8) Foundation insulation
9) Insulation under roads/railways/airport runways to prevent permafrost from
melting during the summer
10) Waterproof protection
11) Support for tile installation
12) Home and industrial applications
13) Refrigerated trucks for roads and rails
14) Laminating industries
15) Concrete deck/ballasted waterproofing
16) Exterior insulation and finish system
17) Masonry cavity wall
18) Steel stud/brick veneer walls
19) Concrete wall forming systems
20) Wood stud walls
21) Exterior foundation walls
22) Interior foundation walls
23) Under floor slabs
24) Tanks and pools insulation
25) Industrial freezers and cold rooms

XPS features and benefits:
1) Superior thermal performance
2) Superior water resistance assures stable thermal performance
3) Low density
4) Adding in flame retardant makes it have flame retardance
5) Designed for a wide range of exterior wall, roof and foundation applications
6) Excellent moisture resistance
7) Wide choice of thickness, board widths and edge details
8) Excellent compressive strengths
9) Lightweight, high hardness, easy to fabricate, handle and install
10) Designed for use in high load bearing applications
11) Ideal for under slab, concrete floors and over foundation walls
12) High compressive strength resists damage from heavy loads

Our product had been passed ISO 9001;2000 and CE certificate which guarantee our products to have high quality requirements and more caring designs.