Sell Eye Massager

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Product Characteristics:
1. Powerful air-pressed contraction and relaxation
2. Massage balls with vibration and beating simulating Chinese traditional massage modes like rotation, shaking, beating, finger-pressing, rolling, etc, it most effects on head and eyes of human being.
3. Most effective to accelerate blood circulation, dredge body channels for head relief
4. High performance combination of air-pressure, vibration massage and heating with repeating massage on head and eyes
5. A/C and D/C use both ok.
6. Massage timing for choice: 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes.
7. With super large LCD video screen with blue color, every time you press the key, blue color displaying on LCD video screen for 15 seconds.
Product Functions:
1. Head and Scalp Relaxation
With combination massage of air-pressure, vibration and heating, it accelerates head blood circulation and also eye fatigue relief and treatment of insomnia and nervous exhaustion.
2. Eye Health Care
With peculiar massage and frequency, effectively stimulates eye cell organization for relief of eye fatigue and prevention of near-sightedness in a short time.
3. Eye Beauty Function:
Eliminate eye pouches and eye shadows by continuous using
Smoothen eye wrinkles, strengthen skin elasity by using
4. Applicable for:
People such as students, writers, office staff and etc who often use computers and watch TV suffering headache and near-sightedness
1. Applicable for people suffering from insomnia and head fatigue
2. Applicable for people suffering near-sightedness and eye fatigue
3. Applicable for women for facial beauty with effective facial massage to make your face more beautiful and bright.
4. Applicable for people with eye pouches, shadows and wrinkles and deposition of pigment by cells.
5. Applicable for those who always stay late at night and overuse eyes.
6. Applicable for old people affected with presbyopia.
Technical Specifications:
Input voltage: DC6V, with 4x1.5V batteries
Input Power rate <=6W