Sell Eye-protecting Reading Lamp MT-320

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Product description:

Product series: Eye-protecting reading lamp

SKU # : MT-320

Reference: 27W Florescent bulb

Material: ABS+ Metal

Availability: 25days


Finish/color: on request

Gift box X6pieces per carton

Measurement: 51W34.5W49mm

20 container approx QTY: 2250pieces


1. Modern design Ideal for any room in the house or office

2. Brightness adjustable, use energy saving florescent tube.

3. Flexible gooseneck is fully adjustable to any angle

4. Flicker-free electronic ballast for instant-on with no flickering or buzzing

5. Bright but soft light for long lasting, eye sight protection.

6. Sturdy base, EMC & Tumbling/incline auto switch off bottom ensure safety.