Sell EyeSurround - An Innovative 360 Degrees Video Monitoring Camera

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We are a PSB ISO 9001:2000, IQNet Mark in conjunction with the RvA accreditation Mark & Singapore Quality Class certified company base in Singapore. We are widely known to be a specialist for the Original/OEM and Replacement parts in the Automobile Air Conditioning Industry since 1978.

In Yr 2003, our Marketing Department has been expanded & we are now dealing more range of products. The new range of products include: Wider Range of Auto Parts & Accessories, Car Audio Products, Security Products, Refrigerant Gases, Air Conditioners etc. Therefore, we are please to introduce:-


EyeSurround - An innovative video monitoring camera that captures the surrounding view in a single frame giving you an instant 360 degrees panoramic view. It gives you extra power for general surveillance which allows all movements and events to be viewed at one glance on a single screen.

EyeSurround Applications
* Warehouse, Factory, Office, Production
* Showroom, Retail, Shopping Mall
* Hotel, Reception, Conference Room
* Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Facilities
* Schools, Childcare, Aged Homes
* Country Club, Association, Community Club
* Government and Statutory Boards
* Entertainment Establishments
* Places of Interest
* Access Central, Lobby Monitoring
* Entrance/Exit Point Monitoring
* Banking Hall, ATM Machines
* Petroleum Service Stations
* Airport, Train, Bus Terminals
* Public Facilities (Libraries, Swimming Pools, Playgrounds)

EyeSurround is an innovative video monitoring camera that captures a True 360 degrees surrounding view in a single frame.

You can now have a 360 degree Panoramic View of surrounding areas instantly and continuously. There is no need to take pictures from various angles and perform a time consuming stitching process.

The instant panoramic view provides you with extra power in both surveillance and monitoring applications. Movements and events that happen in ANY area within 360 degrees of the camera can be monitored at one glance on a single screen.

The EyeSurround Monitoring Software is designed to be used with the transforming your computer into a powerful surveillance and monitoring system.

* True 360 degree Panoramic View
* True 360 degree Bird's Eye View
* Image Snapshot Function
* Scheduled Time Recording
* Motion Detection Recording
* User Defined Recording Folder
* AV File Storage format
* Playback, Fast Forward & Rewind function
* Zoom / Flip / Reverse Control
* Panoramic Reference Selection
* Zonal Definition Setting Option
* 2 to 8 Selectable Zoom Area Control Option
* 2 to 26 Channel multiplexing with simultaneous recording Option
* Remote Monitoring Option

Video Server Configuration
* Intel Pentium or AMD Athlan, 500Mhz or higher (Pentium 4 2.0Ghz Recommended)
* 128MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended for 4 channels and above)
* Windows 2000/XP Professional
* DirectX 8 or higher, Video Card with at least 32MB VRAM (128MB VRAM recommended for 4 channels and above)
* CDR/W drive, mouse
* 40 GB Hard Disk or higher
* Network Interface Card for Local Area Network remote monitoring (optional)
* ADSL Broadband modem or router for Internet remote monitoring (optional)
* 1/4/8/12/16 port DVR Card for video capture

Contact our Head Business Development, Vincent Ong for more details.