Sell Eyes Nurse massager

Eyes Nurse massager You May Also Be Interested In: as eyes eyes massager neodymium magnet or nurse
Eliminates eyesight tiredness/pouch/black rim of eye, decrease wrinkle
Every day use eye nurse three to five minutes, can in effect relax eye muscle, promote blood circulation, eliminate use eye excessively cause sour bloated, tumour ache, sleeping lack and blood circulation not smooth form pouch and black rim of eye. Strengthen eye cell's metabolic, smooths wrinkle, make eye skin rich elasticity much.

Prevent shortsight, restrain neurasthenic, treatment for sleeplessness
Proper magnetic field has good sedation to brain, each evening wear use 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping, relax brain nerve, eliminate use brain excessively come up to neurasthenic cause insomnia, benefit brain healthy.

By 26 neodymium magnet massage touch point of, simulation massage, quiver, beat hit, point press and so on, nine kinds of herbalist doctors massage effect dispart frequently massage eye each important acupuncture point.
Hand in/DC dual purpose
Nine kinds of massage style proceeds circularly
Have timing function.