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The Features of HNA F-1000 Mud Pump:
1. The fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid end,
valve assembly, liners and pistons. Fluid end is made
of forged alloy steel and three fluid ends of each pump
are interchangeable. The suction valve and discharge
valve of F mud pump are interchangeable. Liners are
Hy- Chrome Liners, the sleeve is made of wear resisting cast iron. Piston and piston rod are of slide fit and sealed with rubber seal rings and are fastened with lock nuts to prevent the piston from loosing.
2. The valve seat bores have bottom shoulders. The piston and liners are spray lubricated and cooled which allow an extended service life.
3. F-1000 mud pumps are rated at longer stroke length and relatively low stroke per minute. It can increase the service life of expendable parts of fluid end assembly. The power end assembly mainly consists of frame, crankshaft, pinion shaft, crosshead and extension rod.
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