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F-168 High Temperature Lubricant
In the production of steel pipes, the mandrel is a necessary tool for extend in which the lubrication between the mandrel and coarse pipe is very critical, better lubricant-ton has been used by the mandrel may decrease the equipments load, extends the useful life of the mandrels, easy to relaxes and releases the mandrel, also favor to obtain good surface quality of interior walls of steel pipes.

At present, the mandrels lubricant is graphite type for steel pipe hot mill in home. This lubricants contained the graphite cant dissolve in water, adhesion is poor, thus difficult to coats to the mandrels so that affects the lubrication, because graphite type lubricants is no home suspension liquid, very easy to block the pipes in applications, its cleaning is expensive for the working and time and falling graphite will pollute the environments, and around flighting graphite dust will hazard workers health.
F-168 high temperature lubricant is our companys new protective environments products, has successfully researched and manufactured lay on original packaging Germans products in international level. It has overcame the disadvantages of present mandrels lubricants in the mandrels surface formed firmly adhesion, soft and easy deformation but not dropping and flowing and smelt thin lubrication film, its superior adhesion enables it subject to high temperature of more than 10000. This lubricant not only have superiors high temperature extreme pressure lubrication, but also its high temperature corrosion properties superior than Germanys products, use the product not only can decreases equipments load, retard mandrel wear of high temperature mill pipes, but also will not produces any hazardous substances in high temp. condition, havent toxity and hazard for peoples health, havent corrosion to equipment, havent pollute to the environment, it is a more ideal lubricant, widespread used for pipe continue mill of top pipe machine, and other hot forming machines.
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