Sell F32T8, T8, 32W,120V,277V, electronic ballast, UL, FCC

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Welkin Electronics, a professional T8 32W Electronic Liner Fluorescent Ballasts manufacturer in China with experience exporting to USA and Canada, 120V and 277V, UL and FCC approved, high quality with low price, OEM welcomed. We have WK-T8-232/IS/120SC and WK-T8-232/IS/277SC both for Two and One Lamp Operation, WK-T8-432/IS/120SC and WK-T8-432/IS/277SC both for three and four lamp operation. They could operate 9 different lamps of F17T8 (24) , FB24T8 (16.5) , F25T8 (36) , FB31T8 (22.5) , F32T8 (48) , F25T12 (28", 30, 33) and F40T8 (60) . Relevant F32T8 Tubes and fixtures (Luminaries, Grid, Grille, Wrap Around, Strip Fixture) also could be available from our local partner, whose prices would not be raised up a little by Welkin. Also F96T8 Tubes and 2*59W electronic ballast could be available for USA markets.

Welkin makes reference to all major industry players in North America to meet the needs of OEM's.

 National Association Of Electrical Distributors (NAED)

 National Association Of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD)

 American Lighting Association (ALA)

 International Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO)

 Energy Star

Welkin delivers a premium quality product to OEM's.

 ISO 9001 Registered

 QC: On line quality performance checks

 Third Party: UL, CUL, FCC

 Random product sampling (Rated life, Cycle Stress Testing, Performance Review)

 Competitive performance testing

Welkin maintains the highest quality assurance programs in design, development, production & service.

 Design Qualification Testing

- Performance Testing

- Fault Testing

- Reliability Testing

 Test & Inspection in Manufacturing Process

- Parametric Production Line Testing (100% Testing)

- Visual Testing (100% Inspection)

Welkin could guarantee the quality as the counterparts from Advance, Sylvania, Robertson and Howard etc but with low price from China. Welcome you visiting our factory.

* Feature the highest quality components available, 100% factory tests

* Meets FCC Part 18 (Class B) and CSA, EMI/RFI requirements, Consumer Limits.

* 120V/277V, +/-10%, 60Hz, PF>=0.99, THD<=10%, Guarantee life span>=5 years.
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