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Breast treatment
Treatment theory
This system, the newest High-tech product on the base of micro beam energy technology, uses the special light of particular wavelength to affect the galactophore organizes, and enlarges it. And the system will activate the sympathetic nerve, strengthen the blood pressure of the capillary vessel in breast and promote the secretion of estrogen, accelerate the microcirculation, thicken the connective tissue, consolidate the support structure of the breast suspending ligament, improve the state of body, awake the regrowth of the breast cells, and induce the foundational development of galactophorew and make the lipocytes grow, so that to reach the natural and real effectiveness.
Treatment range:
1. the breast being sunk, unsymmetrical, small in size
2. the breast sag after lactation, the breast being loose
3. the breast congenital hypogenetic, breast shrink after lactation
4. avoiding and assist to cure the diseases of breast and galactophore.
IPL treatment
Theatment theory:
A. Skin treatment: the light pulses are directed at the age spots, freckles, flat pigmented birthmarks and other types of discolorations. The tissue targeted is the melanin in the epidermis. The melanin is then heated and damaged or destroyed - thereby ridding you of the unwanted hyper-pigmentations.
B. Vascular lesion: the light pulses are directed at the spider and varicose veins as well as vascular birth marks. The tissue targeted is the hemoglobin in the blood. A highly advanced computer regulates the light pulse to a specific wavelength range, which in turn heats the visible, targeted blood vessel(s) . Thereby damaging or otherwise destroying the targeted lesion while sparing the surrounding healthy or normal tissue. The penetration depth and degree of heat is highly controlled so that most complications contributed to these specific factors are not an issue with Pulsed Light Therapy.
C. Hair removal: This machine makes it possible to rid one of unwanted hair, supposedly permanently. The pulsed light is controlled via the computer and with the use of special filters the theory of selective photo thermolysis is what damages the follicle and causes it to fall out. Sort of like the skin treatment above, the pulses of light target the melanin in the hair shaft and travel to the follicle, heating and destroying it. The hair production cells themselves are damaged or destroyed making permanent hair removal, well, possibly permanent.
Now, hair grows in cycles and some follicles lie dormant and begin to grow again after a time. So, it may seem when you try any type of hair removal system or even shaving that some hair grows back faster than the others. Unfortunately, this is a cycle and a vicious one at that. The Light therapy must affect the hair follicle during its growing phase to work days later, hair emerging, don't automatically think that it didn't work. The follicles must be caught during this growing phase for them to be destroyed.
Treatment range:
Speckle taking: fleck, chloasma. sunburn, age pigment, birthmark, liver spot, dermal spot, etc.
Sores: scabby sore, allegic sore, sore mark and sore pit
Vascular lesion: inborn vascular lesion, vascular lesion after skin exchange, red face, red spot, the hyper susceptibility skin and sensitive skin.
Skin soften: contraasting pores, dispelling black pores, wrinkle reduction
Hair removal: armpit hair, beard and hair on four limbs.
Special items: face tightening, face lifting, dispelling black eye socket, dispelling eye bag, curing folliculities, mammary areola red.
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
9 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Power Requirements
220V 50/60Hz 110V/60Hz
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Warranty Coverage
repair 1 year