Sell FABP (Fatty Acid Binding Protein) Cardiac Infarction Rapid Test Kit

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We can supply FABP (Fatty Acid Binding Protein) Cardiac Infarction Rapid Test Kit, which is used for rapid detection if the occurrence of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is suspected (major symptoms of AMI are pain and constriction in the chest area, and difficulty in breathing) .

Curently the similar products such as Troponin T, Troponin I, and CK-MB. Their detectable timing is 6-8 hours after the onset of AMI, which is very late in the sense of life saving. In contrast, the level of h-FABP is sharply elevated immediately after the onset of AMI, and it peaks at 4-6 hours. This feature enables h-FABP to become a new specific biomarker for early dianosis of AMI. In fact, this product can be used as early as 30 minutes after AMI occurs.

This product has a big market. It is suitable for hospitals, family doctors as well as emergency units such as ambulances, emergency rooms, and rescue units. It is also suitable for institutions such as cardiology departments, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. The earlier you get the products, the more advantages you will get in this field, as till now very few factories in the world can producing it. And our price is very competitive, all depend on your quantities.

If you are interested in our this new products, please contact me, I can provide you full list of the user manual as well as technical files.