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FAITH-1020 is a random access automatic biochemistry analyzer. It adapts 120pcs cuvette as reaction and test container and has the feature of suitable test speed, not across-pollutions and low consumable, opening reagent. It is used for testing the biochemical guideline of patient.

1. Test speed: 160 tests/hour(invariable speed) 2. Methodology: End-point, Kinetic, Fixed time; 3. Sample Tray: 49 non-fixed positions for various samples
4. Reagent Tray: 56 positions for reagent bottles
5. Cuvette: 120 reaction bottles; optical length:6mm
6. Reaction volume:180-500ul
7. Compatible reagent:supports different reagents from different countries
8. Sample volume: 2 to 50ul
9. Reagent volume: R1 25-300ul; R2 10-150ul
10. Reaction volume: 180-500ul
11. . Reaction time: about 10 minutes
12. Calibration methods: Linear and non-linear 13. Wavelength:340,405,510,546,578,600,660,700. 14. System function: 24 hour non-stop working, Support STATtests;2-wavelength photometer
15. Lamp: 12v35w,8 photodiodes
16. Software: Multinational language, use-friendly interface by Windows
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500 units per year
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10 days
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1 unit
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110 or 220 V
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