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Product code: FU-ETS-14
Product standard:
The complete sets: one microcomputer mainframe, one far infrared waistband, one lithium battery, one booklet for introd
Detailed introduction:

The women, who love beauty like their lives, can not tolerate a little extra meat in bodies. In order to lose weight, they tried all the ways, but the results are not so satisfying. They seemed to have entered the trap of weight-losing that is fat-thin-fat. Is there really no hope of losing weight? This kind of instrument give youre a satisfactory answer.

There are a lot of methods of losing weight, such as diet, injection, medicine and other ways, whose result is quick rebound and side effect. This instrument is the combination of modern microcomputer and far infrared technology which use the weight-losing wave from the microcomputer which can filter into the subcutaneous tissue of fat. It can make the fattiness move directly and enter the fat up to 4-7 centimeters and decompose and vent the redundant fattiness. Moreover. The infrared produced by the tiny tourmaline power on the waistbands fabric can accelerate the blood recycle and dredge the nerve and promote metabolism. It can make the fattiness move directly and decompose and remove it.

We design and install a contact where the tourmaline power can be added connecting the modern far infrared technology. The strong infrared ray can protect your waist and burn the fattiness completely which has an obvious effect on standing-out of kidney basin, strain of lumbar muscles and weakness of kidney. The instrument is not only the best tool of losing weight for the fat woman and the men with a large and loosen stomach, but also the assistant treatment equipment for the people of weak waist and kidney.

The instrument has the excellences including: easy operation and usage, 15-rank intension to regulate, ten different programs of weight-losing which product different waves to choose from. You can enjoy it and feel very funny. The instrument can be used at any time, everywhere and any people without the limitation of age.