Product code: FU-ETS-2
Product standard: Specification:Mini CPU:Dia: 53X thinkness (mm) ; pole:57(mm)
The complete sets: Mini CPU 1 pcs ; pole(including patch)1 group; transmission sepration wire 1 pcs; Li-battery 1 pcs.
Detailed introduction:

decompose fat, drawn and slender. To thoroughly eradicate much fat and energy and make you feel great, the fatthin device can imitate 15 types of human actions, such as massage, chipping, vibration, etc, and generate the high speedy vibration in the muscle.

dissipate tiredness, releive acheFrom the light massage to the intense health movement,15 stages strong and weak force can speed up the qi and blood in body eradicating the old waste and toxin, and effectively relieving various pain, relaxing the tight and the whole bodys pressure to make your more healthy and beautiful. (reference to the chart of the 40 types of the acupoint treatment) Sticking to the two different parts with the function of decomposion of fat and dissipatin tiredness.

The greatest Mini-gymnasium in the world. The wireless mini-gymnasium with random decomposion the abundant fat at working or watching TV with the decomposion of fat and dissipatin tiredness can sticked to the two different parts at the same time.