Sell FAl-6 Irregular Glass Edges Grinding

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FAl-6 Irregular Glass Edges Grinding is suitable for grinding and polishing the outer circle of the flat glass which are round, oval and even irregular. The base is made of cast and the other parts are made of high strength castiron, so that the machine has high strength and precision, and the capability is steady When working, the processed glass is adsorbed onto the vacuum sucker which is driven by an auxiliary motor enables the grinder to work moveably on irregular edges of flat glass in a diameter between 100 and 2000mm. And the speed can be adjusted discretionarily.
This machine can also perform semi-grinding on simple-shape irregular glass. When grinding peripheries, three grinding wheels should be installed to do rough-grinding, fine-grinding and polishing. When grinding bevel edge, adust the wheel to fit the grinding angle after installing the bowl-shape grinding wheel. (Free technological training will be provided when purchasing machines product by our factory. )
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