Sell FB-PI  Dental Jet Polisher

FB-PI  Dental Jet Polisher You May Also Be Interested In: dental jet dental polisher high speed handpiece spray head spray nozzle
Mini: connects directly to existing high speed handpiece connector, use air and water source of compl ex treatment unit, need not other power.
Handy: compact structure, lightweight, simply and quickly connect and disconnect
Highly effective for removing plaque and tenacious stains, e. g. coffee, tobacco and CHX stains. Spray nozzle can producing a more efficient polishing stream.
The spray head can be sterilized,1350,0.22 Mpa.
Preventing refluence doohickey: the sand dont return to complex treatment unit.

Technical Parameter
1. connector: high speed handpiece tubing via 4 hole midwest connector.
2. Water pressure: 0.2MPa-0.4MPa
3. Air pressure: 0.3MPa-0.4MPa
4. Water spraying amount: >=25 ml /min
5. Sand spraying amount: >=3 g /min
sterilizing condition of spray head: 1350, 0.22MPa
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