Sell FC-002(special fluoro-containing surfactant)

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FC-002(special fluoro-containing surfactant)

Appearance : yellow transparent liquid
PH value: 7-8
Density(200C) : 1.157
Freezing point: - 40C
Surface tension limit (200C) : 16.8 mN/m(0.1% aqueous solution)
Package: 20W5kg per plastic barrel in carton
Storage and shipment: general chemicals
Application: it is made from fluoro-containing nonionic surfactant and cationic surfactant. Because it can greatly lower the surface tension, it can be used as light water extinguishing additive in fire prevention, additive in petroleum, nickel plating, zinc plating. When clearing electroplating article , is can be added for removing its oil dirt effectively, promoting the wettability of plated articles and improving the quality of plating articles. In addition, it also used as equalizing agent in field of coating.