Sell FC-10(N-ethyl , N-hydroxyethyl-perfluorooctylsulfoamide)

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FC-10(N-ethyl , N-hydroxyethyl-perfluorooctylsulfoamide)
Structural formula : CF3(CF2)7SO2N(CH2CH3) CH2CH2OH
Moleculr formula: C12H10F17O3NS
Content:95%(min. )
Appearance: white to yellowish wax(200C) Amber liquid (800C)
Range of melting point: 55-650C
Range of boiling point : 115-1200C/1mmHg
Density(800C) : 1.71g/ml
Package : 20W500g per plastic bottle in carton
Storage and shipment: general chemicals
Application : it is a nonionic fluoro-containing surfactant, and main intermediate to prepareVarious surfactants , surface treating agent , and perfluoro alkyl acrylate.