Sell FC-134 (CAS:1652-63-7)

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FC-134(perfluoroalkysulfonyl quaternary ammonium iodides)
Structural formula : CF3(CF2)7SO2NHCH2CH2N+(CH3)2CH3I-
Molecular formula: C14H16F17IN2O2S
Molecular weight: 725.9
Appearance: yellowish solid powder
Surface tension limit: 17mN/m (1 aqueous solution)
Solvate : the 1 aqueous solution can form sol. Package : 20W500g per plastic bottle in carton
Storage and shipment : general chemicals
Application : it is an amphoteric fluoro-containing surfactant. , which showes good reactivity in acidic, alkaline, and neutral medium. It can be used as wetter, spreading agent, equalizingdyeing agent, light water extinguisher, film coating agent, welding auxiliary agent for electronic wave, and also anti-water, anti-oil, anti-dirty agent in fields of fibre, paper and leather.