Sell FC-9(N-ethyl, perfluorooctylsulfonylamide

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FC-9(N-ethyl, perfluorooctylsulfonylamide)
Structural formula: CF3(CF,2) ,7SO2NHCH,2CH3
Molecular formula:C10H6F17O2NS
Molecular weight: 527
Cas. :4151-50-2
Appearance: yellowish wax
Melting point: 88-900C
Characteristics: It can quite dissolve in alcohol, acetone, and the other organic solvents, while the solution appears amber.
Application: (1) It is chemical intermediates for synthesis of perfluorooctylsulfonyl acrylate.
(2) It is used as an pesticide to kill ant, cockroach, white ant and other reptile insects.