Sell FD-POF1500 pof shrink film blowing machine

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FD-POF1500 pof shrink film blowing machine
1. Feature of the production line:
This machine is suitable for producing different polymer structure,3 layer heating shrink film. The machine are featured by compact construction, attractive appearance, easy operation and reasonable technology; and is controlled by brain power gauge; with the mechanical drive controlled by conversion, run steadily and reliability. Infrared technique was used to the blowing, drawing, sizing system.
(1) This machine is suitable for coextru-lamination huff stretched structural design of variety thermal plastics.
(2) For the machine adopting control system which have sectional independent control technological parameter, it can realize a tractor serves several purposes, to add the machines utility function.
(3) Through the transformation of different die, it can produce complex films with different folded diameter.
(4) The machine not only produces transparent three-layer POF PVC PE and three-layer heating shrinking film, but also produces three-layer complex films which have different functions. According to different requests add relevant auxiliaries and stain etc, .
(5) The produced film has high shrinking capacity. It can realize skin packaging, length and width shrinkage>50%.
(6) Admirable transparency, luster well.
(7) High strength and toughness, wonderful welding function.
(8) Products cold-resistant, damp-proof good.
(9) Food sanitation, innocuity, harmless and easy recycle, meet environmental protection requests of the EC and USA.
2. Technological parameter:
Thickness 0.015~0.025mm
Folder width 1300mm
Output 90-110kg/h
Shrinkage rate >=55%(TD/MD) (directions/ broadwise)
Haul-off by cylinder clamp
Centrum height 9800mm
Haul-off speed 6-60m/min
Haul-off unit center winding, rotation
Haul-off diameter 300-600mm
Total power About 270 kw
Machine size 9000W5500W10000mm
Machine weight about 15000 kg
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