Sell FD Type Plate Filter Press

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Liquid/solids separation through pressure filtration.

Mobile and integrated modular design.
No chemical additives/polymer needed.
The pressed sludge cake is collected by conveyors and transported to the dedicated location/storage bins.
Applicable to various sludge and processing applications.

The main frame is constructed of carbon steel and all structural steel is sand blasted, primed and painted with corrosion resistant epoxy coating.
Both sidebars of FD type model are made of medium carbon steel unity. The clearance can be self-adjusted according to the pressures, without the worries of stress concentration and cracks at the welding points.
Filter plate is made of high tension reinforced polypropylene and manufactured by CNC.
The oil pump with auto-compensate feature can adjust the oil hydraulic systems when pressure varied to maintain the standard pressure for full-enclose.
A second air compression system provides high pressure continuously to force the sludge layer inside the press chamber to accelerate moisture discharge and enhance dewatering efficiency.

Stone/Clay/Ceramic Processing Industry.
PC Board Industry/Electroplating Industry.
Solvents and Process Solution Clarification.
Reduction of Metal Finishing Waste.
Oil Field Slurry.
Chemical Product Processing.
Food and Beverage Processing.
Metal Finishing Waste.
Tanning/Leather Processing.
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