Sell FD2111 Electroless Tin-Plating Additive

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FD2111 Electroless Tin-Plating Additive
1. Simple operation, high efficiency and low cost.
2. Both lead and fluorin free, meet environment requirements.
3. Good throwing power, uniform deposit thickness ( >= 15m ) in all location of products.
4. Replaceable tin hot dipping or used for electroless tin plating of components such as welded sheet, copper tube and so on.
Technology formulation and operation condition:
1. Formulation: FD2111 100%
2. Operating condition:
Process: Degreasing  Water rinse  Predip ( 1 ~ 2min. at ambient temperature )  Electroless tin plating  Hot water rinse( 30 ~ 400 )  Water rinse  Hot air drying
Temperature of electroless tin plating 60 ~ 700
Time 5 ~ 15min.
Agitate circulative filter (not suitable for air agitate)

Processing amount:

Processable copper-coated sheet is more than 2.0M2 per liter of plating solution. Optimally, electroless Tin-plating should be just after bright copper plating, because copper plating will be oxidized after placing for a while, it will influence the quality of Tin plating, if copper plating has been oxidized, electroless Tin plating should be after activation in 3% dilute sulfuric acid, and not permit hand print and oil contaminating the surface.

If oil has contaminated the surface, electroless tin plating should be after degreasing and chemical activation.
4. Predip:
FD2111A 100%
Operating condition:
Temperature Ambient temperature
Time 1 ~ 2 min.

Preparation and maintenance:
1. 1. Add required FD2111 into working bath, ready to start operation.
2. 2. Replenish plating solution in time because of being dragged out and evaporation.
3. 3. Tin concentration should be controlled in range of 8.5 ~ 15 g/L.

Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only
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