Sell FD3102 Acidic Bright Copper Plating With High throwing Power

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FD3102 Acidic Bright Copper Plating With High throwing Power
1. Suitable for the hole metallation of PCB.
2. Bright deposit with uniform, fine and good electric conduction, the thickness ratio of the board surface and hole wall is 1:1.
3. Firm binding between the plating and substrate will not lead to peel and bubble during subsequent working.
4. Less decompose products of additive, the plating solution is stable and easy to manage.
Technology formulation and operation condition:
1. Technology formulation
Composition Range Optimal
Cupric sulfate (CuSO4.5H2O) 60~100g/L 80g/L
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) 170~220g/L 200g/L
Chloride (Cl-) 40~100mg/L 60mg/L
FD3102M (bath initiator) 2~3ml/L 2ml/L (only for newly-prepared bath)
FD3102 (replenisher) 2~3ml/L 2ml/L
3. Operating condition
Temperature Ambient temperature
Current density 1~3A/dm2
Air agitate or cathode move Require
Anode Phosphor-copper anode special for electroplating
Sa : Sk >2:1
Preparation and maintenance:
Inject 2/3 tap water into cleaned plating tank, then add required sulfuric acid carefully while agitating, after thoroughly agitating to be uniform, add required Cupric sulfate and dissolve it totally, replenish water to required volume; Add H2O2 1~2ml/L, agitate for over 1 hour, heat to more than 600 and preserve it for 1 hour, then add 3g/L activated carbon and agitate for 1 hour, place and filter it.
Add 2ml/L FD3102M and 2ml/L FD3102 into filtered plating solution, agitate thoroughly to be uniform, then sampling into hull cell to test plating in order to check whether to add chloride ion. If the bright region of plating is normal, Chloride ion is not needed, because tap water usually contains certain chloride ion. If possible, preparing bath with deionized water and adding required chloride ion according to process stipulation.
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only.
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