Sell FDN Water Reducer

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LY-FDN-A is a naphthalene based high range water reducer. This product is made by industrial Naphthalene, Beta-sulphonate, Formaldehyde and Alkali via sulphuration, hydrolyzation, condensation and neutralization reactions. It belongs to non-air-entraining superplasticizer. LY-FDN-A is non-poisonous, odorless, non-flammable and non-corrosive to steel bars.
Dosage, Benefits and Application
1. Dosage rates vary depending upon the cement chemistry, amount of plasticity and/or water reduction desired. Recommended dosage range for LY-FDN-A is 0.5~1.0% of cement. It is highly recommended that trial mixes be prepared to determine the optimum dosage for your specific performance requirements. When dosage of 0.7%x cement is used, The rate of water reducing is 20~30%.
2. Keeps the same strength, cement saving reaches to 19-20%.
3. The slump increases over 10cm, after dosage 0.7%(powder or equal) .
4. Increased workability, durability, impermeability and placeability.
5. Incresed strength at all ages.
6. Good compatibility with wide ranges of cements like Portland cement, normal Portland cement, Portland slag cement, fly-ash cement and Portland pozzolanic cement etc
7. LY-FDN-A is recommended for use in all types of concrete including high strength, early strength, precast, pretressed, flowable and self-consolidating concrete.
8. LY-FDN-A is applied to roads, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic electricity engineerings, ports, high buildings etc.