Sell FDY

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Our main Product series are as follows: PET FDY Semi dull, PET FDY Bright, PET FDY Full dull, PET FDY Doped dyed black and Somalor-PTT fiber ( PTT FDY semi dull, PTT DTY semi dull, PTT FDY full dull, PTT ATY Full dull, PTT Staple fiber) .
Somalor is from Dupont Sorona polymer, and is the future choice of fabrics.
Sorona polymer, which is used in Somalor, is the most advanced polymer platform introduced by Dupont that impacts distinctive characteristics to fibers and fabrics. It knows what designers and manufacturers want: flexibility and various, to produce apparel of virtually type, with qualities that apparel to consumers. Somalor knows what comsumers want: they want it all softness, stretch and recovery, vibrant color and easy care. Somalor has these characteristics all at the same time.
We also produce the finecool moisture management fiber, which features moisture management, drip-fast, matting glitter, and antipilling, and nanoyarn, which features in permanent UV- resistant, and can be used in curtains, umbrellas, caps, sports wera and casual wear.