Sell FE1-4Eth+8FXS/FXO+V35+RS232 PCM multiplexer

FE1-4Eth+8FXS/FXO+V35+RS232 PCM multiplexer You May Also Be Interested In: fxo port fxs and fxo local loop multiplexer pcm multiplexer
E1 to 4*ETH+8*FX0/FXS+V.35+RS232 Multiplexer


This time slot multiplexer provides conversion from ITU-T G.703 framed E1 interface to 4*Ethernet interface(built-in switch) , 1 RS232 and 1 V.35 interface and transmit 1 to 8 voice signals through E1 channel, realize extension for phone line through E1 channel.


(1) Realize monitor of remote equipment from local equipment( Having two row of LEDs, upper row indicate local status, lower row indicate remote status, unframing equipment have no this function. )
(2) Based on self Copyright IC.
(3) Ethernet interface Semi/full duplex self adapt, support VLAN.
(4) Ethernet interface support auto-mdix.
(5) Provide 2 clock types: E1 master clock, E1 line clock.
(6) provide 3 loop functions: local loop, to remote loop, order remote loop.
(7) Have pseudo random code test function, easy the installation and maintenance.
(8) E1 can support rate N*64k(N=1-32) ;
(9) Provide 2 impedances: 75 Ohm unbalance and 120 Ohm balance.
(10) V.35 support hot plug, connect with DTE or DCE.
(11) Provide 1 to 8FXS/FXO, support caller ID display, and reverse polarity charging.
(12) support configure function to remote device from local device.
(13) voice port support FXO port and FXS port, FXO port connect with switch, FXS port connect with telephone.
(14) Two types: Standalone, desktop, 19inch; Card, usually be inserted in our rack 19 inch.
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