Sell FHC100 - Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

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The products of high-power detached energy saving lamp (65W200W) are characterized by low energy consumption, high luminous efficacy, high power factor, wide voltage, and constant output power. With the color index>=80Ra, light effect>=80 lm/W, and the power factor>=0.99, the luminous efficacy and color of the high-power detached energy saving lamps, which are made of tri-phosphor fluorescent powder, are better than those of the traditional ones. The products broke the limitation of low-power fluorescent lamps, which can improve the lighting environments. They can be employed in the places with spacious room, such as waiting room, meeting hall, enterprises, factories and mines, stadiums, and schools, which has higher requirements in luminance and illuminance. Adopting the technologies of electric ballast and light source with independent patents possessed by the company, the products can work stably between 110V265V without stroboflash, which does not hurt eyes when switching on. For the temperature of auxiliary lamps is very low when it works, it has switchover efficiency and long service life. With floating voltage having little impacts on the output power, it will not produce return circuit currents and avoid the electric spark, which can be employed in some special combustible and dangerous places, such as chemical plants, oil refinery, armory, flour plants, gas stations, warehouses, oil tanks. The lamps can replace the mercury lamps and incandescent lamps directly without unwrapping the hermetic lamp equipments. Simultaneously, the excellent energy saving effect of lamps is incomparable with metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps, with a 140W bulb of the former one the same as 400W of the latter one. According to the practical test, in the case that the lamps work 10 hours each day, each of our lamps can save 1134 kwh per year. In addition, for the ballasts of high power factor have less circuit wastage than those of low power factor in the case of the same output power, 3 square millimeter 4-core cables can replace the traditional 15 square millimeter ones at the same charge. This can decrease the circuit wastage and reduce the cost for the cable and construction, which make one have high-quality green lighting as well as save much electric expense.