Sell FIBC Container Bag SHBBS-2

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(SHBBS-2) Rope Loops Bulk Bag

Jumbo bag is a kind of flexible packing container for transportation. They are moisture-proof, dust-Proof, radiation-resistant and secure for using. It has enough intensity in structure and can be loaded and unloaded in batch by machinery. Easy to operate is our product another characteristics. Jumbo bags are ideal packing for chemical, cement, grain, mineral, and other goods in the shape of powder, granular and lump. Load: 0.5-3T. Cubage : 500-2300L. Safty factor : be designed in 3:1, 5:1, 6:1 upon Customersrequest. Items : bulk cargo jumbo bag and small packed cargo jumbo bag, appling for one time use and reuse. Shape : circle and squareness. Loop style : top loop, side loop, and bottom loop. Top : spout in, and bottom : spout out.

1) Style: rope loops design
2) Fabric:
a) 700D-1,500D
b) Construction: 8 x 8 - 15 x 15
3) Dimension:
a) Width: 40 - 80cm
b) Length: upon customers' requests
4) Colors: white, yellow, green, brown
5) Top: heat cut or hemmed
6) Bottom: single fold or double fold